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Why are swimming pools removed?

Owning a swimming pool comes with a price: Maintenance, repairs, high electric bills and the worry of accidental drowning. These are conditions a pool owner understand and accept when a pool is being used and enjoyed. However, as a pool begins to be used less and less, or not at all, these costs become unacceptable.

How are pools removed?

You may not be aware that removing a swimming pool has become a very common practice. Swimming pool demolition is fast and inexpensive solution for any unwanted swimming pool. Depending on the type of pool, be it concrete, fiberglass or vinyl the prosses of removal may vary. But, for the price of a cheap remodel, a swimming pool can be demolished and filled in, eliminating all the cost and headaches once and for all.

Who removes pools?

Finding good swimming pool demolition experts can be a frustrating task. We know! Pool It Out has put together the most extensive list of pool demolition experts in the country. What makes finding quality contractors difficult is that very few contractors do pool demolition exclusively and the fact is most contractors that advertise as demolition contractors don't do swimming pool demolition at all. When Pool It Out began in early 2000, no contractors advertised this type of service. It was literally like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Who is Pool It Out?

Pool It Out was created by Lassiter Excavating, Inc. a swimming pool excavating and demolition contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was created in the early 2000s in response to a growing number of inquiries from local pool owners about pool demolition. What wasn't expected was the amount of calls Pool It Out received from pool owners across the country . While Pool It Out doesn't remove pools outside the San Francisco Bay Area it did the next best thing. As we found contractors that did swimming pool demolition for pool owners that contacted us thru the website.

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Go to the "Find an Expert in Your Area" box on your right. Click the down arrow next to "Choose Your State" and click on your state. Your state will then appear in the box. Next, click the "GO" Button. "Choose Your City" now appears in the box. Push the down arrow again and choose the largest city near you. If Pool It Out has found any pool demolition contractors in that city, the name and the number of that contractor will show up on the page. If no contractor is found fill out the contact form or try a local search. Every year there are more contractors that advertise for pool demolition.